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“We make sand from old bottles and use it to restore our coast.”

The GlassLand Project is a New Orleans based recycling initiative to collect the region's waste glass, divert it from landfills, and process it into sand-glass for use in restoring our coastal wetlands. We’re a division of the non-profit National Food and Beverage (NatFAB) Foundation housed at the Southern Food and Beverage (SoFAB) Museum in Central City New Orleans, LA.

The first goal of the project is to establish an ongoing program to educate the public, the business community and government officials about Closed Loop glass recycling, attract vigorous support for the effort and motivate residents to participate fully in proper disposal. Simultaneously, we’re expanding the network of collection sites in the region to make it easier for residents to dispose of their glass waste.

The first step toward that goal is installation of a permanent Exhibit at SoFAB to illustrate for all the path to efficient and conscientious glass repurposing. (See "The Exhibit" section in window.)

The second goal is to build a modern hi-tech plant to process and deliver the glass to coastal restoration sites from Cameron to St. Tammany parishes -- in support of the restoration industry's efforts to preserve our coastal ecology and protect the fishers, farmers and others who make their living on Gulf shores.

The ultimate goal is to establish a model for the nation and a world whose coasts everywhere are in jeopardy.

"Return a bottle ... rebuild an island."


Glassland Project missionText Update 9/25/16

The Mission, simply outlined:


The GlassLand Project's Vision Text update 9-25-2016

The Vision, simply put: A New Orleans region featuring neater and cleaner landfills; imaginative governance; corporate support and partnership; responsible…grateful – proud! residents; and a renewed coastline protecting what we've accomplished


The GlassLand Project seeks to thanks its sponsors We encourage you to also let these sponsors know how important this is to you.

The Southern Food & Beverage Museum and Propeller

our Team

Guy Packard Seaberg (Founder, Director)
GlassLand Project founder and director Guy Seaberg, is the founding partner andCEO of TrialVue, LLC, a litigation support company providing courtroom technology services to trial lawyers. A graduate of Georgetown (BA) and Northwestern Law (JD), he has taught trial practice in the USM paralegal certification program and instructed in criminal and civil procedure as Director of the USM Legal Aid Clinic — in addition to training paralegals as digital trial assistants. He conceived and built Stage One experimental theatre at Georgetown University and was founder and Director of Seaberg/Isthmus Gallery and Framing in Chicago and FLUXContemporary Gallery in Albuquerque, NM. One tough winter in LL Bean’s home-base of Freeport, Maine, he conceived and built the life-saving Rosendo snow-mover device, later conceived and developed in Santa Fe, NM the ArtVuer studio App, and once proudly served as personal assistant to Mr. Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra during their memorable concert series at DAR Hall in Washington, DC. With a wide array of interests and the demonstrated ability to identify and develop better systems, services and products in a range of fields, Seaberg has what it takes to shepherd an undertaking as ambitious as The GlassLand Project to fruition.

R. Thomas Seaberg (CTO)
Partner Tom Seaberg is an electrical engineer from Southern Illinois University, specializing in the design and construction of computerized control systems for manufacturing assembly lines. His clients have included Mercedes-Benz in Montgomery, AL and Ford Motors in Detroit, as well as scores of meat-processing companies throughout the US and abroad. An innovator responsible for several patented improvements and modifications to control and manufacturing components, Tom is less the entrepreneur than the go-to guy for making something work at the outset, or continue working after malfunction. A veritable White Knight, he’s the guy GlassLand needs to design and supervise its glass waste manufacturing and packaging facility – a CTO to depend on for turning mountains of waste glass into suitable sand replacement.

Chris Prasad (COO)
Another lawyer by training — specializing in corporate business law — Partner Christopher Prasad now owns and operates Phoenix Recycling, a New Orleans regional company known for its reliability and guaranteed 360 degree recycling of the reclaimable materials it collects. Exchanging suit and wingtips for t-shirt and sneakers, Chris identified the growth potential of the recycling industry early on, started with one truck and a handful of apartment complex owners willing to pay for honest recycling, and eventually bought Phoenix – in dire financial straits but with a brand, a vehicle fleet and a bank of customers. With Chris at the helm, Phoenix has grown to profitability in service of a large NOLA base of commercial customers including most of the large hotels, restaurants and bars in the French Quarter, Dryades Market and dozens of others; his timing in securing these accounts was right on the mark – as waste producers shifted from reluctance to pay for collection to full acceptance of the cost. Faced now with an opportunity to expand commercial glass collection far beyond Phoenix’s current capacity, the challenge of where to process the collected glass, and the evolution of a single local coastal restoration industry to buy reprocessed cullet, Chris is an essential partner in the Glassland Project, anxious to expand collection, build the plant and manufacture custom glass-sand product for coastal restoration. With the experience of day-to-day management of a successful collection company, a prior, last-round-level proposal and pitch for a “Public Space Recycling” venture at The Idea Village, and legal savvy, Chris’s business and growth management skills, industry awareness and existing network serve the project ideally in his service as COO.

Joseph Santiago (CIO)
Partner Joseph Santiago, Glassland’s Communications Director, has 12 years of experience as a teacher and facilitator in a range of industries, including staffing and professional service, manufacturing software, and education management. He’s an expert in designing community learning networks (CLNs) and in utilization of blended environments to establish informational and cultural contact zones. As a digital literacy advocate, Joe’s focus has been on developing programs for those who have traditionally struggled to be heard; accordingly, he has developed materials for documentaries, educational programs and workshops, as well as for social change endeavors like the World Voice Project. With a Masters in Psychology, and ABDstatus for a PhD in Industrial and Industrial Organizational Psychology, he was the founder and president of Santiago, Inc., established one of the world’s largest globalCLNs, was an instructor at the Center for Student Leadership Development at the University of Rhode Island, and is currently the (remote) Director of IT and Communications for the Rhode Island Advocacy for Children Program. An expert in human behavior and motivation, in his “spare time,” Joe has written and published five books of fiction, and he’s one of the select group of outdoorsmen and women to have been honored with the estimable Triple Crown Award from the American Long Distance Hiking Association–West in recognition for completing the Continental Divide Trail (3,100 miles), the Pacific Crest Trail ( 2,650 miles) and the Appalachian Trail (2,160 miles); with relentless focus and stamina, CIO Santiago puts one foot in front of the other … and gets the job done.

Project News

9.27.2016: We’ve begun laying out the glass recycling Exhibit at the SoFAB Museum and acquiring all the objects and materials for the installation. Check the “Exhibit” window above to watch our progress developing a counterpart exhibit online. Want to help with the build? Contact us (below).

9.26.2016: Our GlassLand collection partner, Phoenix Recycling, has replaced the 10-yard bin at Whole Foods - Broad St. store with an empty bin. 3500 pounds of bottles off to the crusher, and an empty awaiting another 3500 pounds this week. Whole Foods “gets it” and serves its neighbors’ needs by footing the bill for collection. For more details check us out on Facebook.

9.25.2016: We're honored that The GlassLand Project has been selected for inclusion in the Propeller Venture Accelerator program for 2016. The program has been the launching pad for dozens of hugely influential social entrepreneurship businesses over the past few years, and will help us significantly in reaching out goals. Check out the current crop of 31 ventures here.

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